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Many students are referred to us by people who had such a great time at Skydive San Joaquin, they had to send their friends to see us.

Recommendations allow us to spread the exhiliration of skydiving around.

So if you have friends or relatives who want to experience the sheer thrill of jumping out of a perfectly good airplane, tell them about us.

Every tandem or AFF student you refer to us earns you a twenty dollar credit toward your next skydive.

So tell your friends on campus and at work to come out and see us, but make sure they tell us who referred them.

Before you know it, your recommendations will pay for your skydives.  And you will have a whole crowd of friends to jump with you.


12112 Copus Road * Bakersfield, California * 93313, Ph. (661) 858-2972 * Fax (661) 858-2697 * email:

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